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    1. jguerin Post author

      I hope so too. I don’t pretend to be an expert. But I know what information I lacked as a beginner. I know what confused me, and frankly, what scared me when I realized what I DIDN’T know! I know with the economy and political climate of the last 6 years or so, there must be many thousands of people interested in or trying to learn how to reload. The information is all out there. It’s just in too many different places for a beginner to find everything when they need it – BEFORE they make a mistake! I’m just trying to consolidate everything in one place. Thanks for joining. I hope you enjoy the experience. And please let me know what info we can continue to add that would be of value to the reloading community.

  1. Stalkingbear

    When 1st starting out, “the ABCs of reloading” is a must read! Not only will it give you a good idea of the different steps required, it’ll also clear up a lot of things & questions you may have. After that I’d recommend at LEAST 2 different up to date loading manuals, with 1 including the Lyman #49. You can also get data online at . The Lyman manual contains a lot of information a lot of the others don’t have. Bullet & powder manufacturer manuals only have data for their brand only. The only time I’d recommend a bullet manufacturer manual is the Barnes as the solid copper bullets produce different pressures than conventional lead with copper jacket bullets.

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