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“Things They Don’t Tell You About Reloading!

oneline-book-imagev1NOW IN STOCK! Everything you need to know! Soup to nuts. This is the book that was written from start to finish with the BEGINNER in mind Over 120 pages and 73 photos Individual chapters about every component, including important “do’s and don’ts.” How to choose manuals. Details about all the equipment you need – and what you don’t! A detailed chapter about how to safely measure powder to 1/70,000th of the pound accuracy with nothing more than a simple, inexpensive balance beam scale. And an entire chapter dedicated just to crimping! Detailed instructions on assembling your first loads, and even detailed instructions on how to safely test your new loads at the range. For less than the cost of one edition of one of the main-stream manuals you can own, “Things they don’t tell you about reloading”! A must for every new beginners library. Large format: 8 1/2″ x 11″. The Spiral Bound version will lay flat on your work table as you reload. Check out the table of contents below. A more thorough review of the basics of reloading has never been written.

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